The Bird Whittler

Bird Whittler new update May 16th

The Bird Whittler is demonstrating on Sunday 20th May at the Meridale Craft Fair, Sutton On Sea from 10.00

Take one individual professional bird whittler who has studied birds in their natural habitats then give him a general purpose Stanley knife, a block of wood (lime) and ask him to whittle a lifelike songbird.

Every mount is individually picked for the bird whittling.
The size shape and position that the bird will take are carefully selected before placing on a wood plinth.

Individuality: –
Whittling projects have been bought and displayed not only in the UK but also in Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland and the USA

               bird whittler poster                    Bird whittling nuthatch pack 2017



Whittled Treecreeper ref TR4436 £195

Whittled Treecreeper          Whittled Treecreeper          Whittled Treecreeper



Whittled Greatit Ref GT 79123 (SOLD)

Greatit whittled                       Greatit whittled

Thank you to the customer who purchased the Wren.

New Whittled Wren Ref WR 999z (SOLD)

Whittled Wren 31st July 2017                    Whittled Wren 31 July 2017





Goldfinch ref 99924gf  ( SOLD)

Goldfinch painted finished                 Goldfinch painted finished                    Goldfinch painted finished