Heston Blumenthal’s Myrrh Spoons, Part 2

What happened next to the spoons whittled from a few branches from a Myrrh tree?

It took me some time to work out where the bowl of the spoon would be best whittled on the branch. I held the spoon on the top, side and underside of the myrrh, and then carefully I whittled away the wood making sure that I had the correct angle of the spoon. In the photo’s you can see how much wood is needed to be removed when whittling the spoon.

Heston Spoons whittled
The underside of the myrrh spoon
I had to allow for the excess bark to be whittled away leaving enough wood to keep the size and shape of the spoon
Heston Spoons whittled underside
You will see below the bark has been fully been removed from the myrrh spoon and the shape is starting to appear.  Checking at this stage is very important as you can easily lose size and shape by taking too much off.
Heston whittled Spoons