Heston Blumenthal’s Myrrh Spoons, Part 4

Disaster as Heston spoon breaks at last minute

Heston Blumenthal’s Whittled Spoons.

How did that happen?

It was all was going so well then disaster struck, a spoon breaks after spending many hours of work on it. On the stem a knot appeared. This produced a weak spot and I ended up with two pieces. Now this would have been o.k. normally if I had a large amount of timber to use, but unfortunately I did not. This small amount of myrrh wood had come all the way from Oman.
Getting on a plane and flying out to Oman to get more myrrh wood was not an option.

Heston Spoons what happened next!
After looking at the break on the small narrow stem there was only one option and that was to dowel them together (sounds very easy when you say it fast) but this would have to been a very small dowel and the next problem would it hold together?
Well I will not bore you with the process of doing this but I can tell you it was successful but I did not want to risk it coming apart in the show so if you look at the photos of the completed myrrh spoons you will see one spoon extra this is a lot smaller then the others and gives then a total of six.
 Heston Spoons    Heston Spoons