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The kent Courier 
Bird Whittler Carving A Career
by Owen Morton
Exclusive Article.
LAMBERHURST has just become home to the craftsman know as the bird whittler.
Armed with only a Stanley and a block of wood, appropriately named Glyn Cutts painstakingly reduces chunks of raw materials to create attractive life-like birds of all species,  after just two months working from his new studio on forstal farm, his hand made products and strikingly simple method have been causing a stir. He said: “The amount of response I have had through word of mouth has been amazing. “They just can’t believe I do it all with a stanley knife. I start with a block of wood and bandsaw the profile of the bird out. Then I set to with the Stanley knife”. Originally from Nottingham, Mr Cutts discovered his unusual talent when visiting a friend who carved birds out of wood as a hobby. One day his friend lent him some wood and a set of carving tools so that he could have a go. Mr Cutts said: “I just couldn’t get use to the carving tools-using a large tool to chip away at a small object- and I got extremely frustrated. “It just happened that there was a stanley knife on the table and I wounded if I could actually do it with this.”
When he returned with the finished bird, his friend was impressed but not realising how it had been crafted, told him: “You’re going to have to go out and buy some carving tools now”. More than 20 years later, the craftsman still employs the same technique and also mastered painting the birds to make them as authentic as possible.
For 16 years Mr Cutts lived on a narrow boat and sold his birds up and down the canals of Britain.
This place came up about two months ago and I moved here.
I have always wanted a studio and always wanted to advance myself.”
Bird whittler carving article

Kentish Times 19 October
Bird man is flying high.
Exclusive article, by Martin Sawden.

Bird Man Flying High.

 A man who spent 20 years studying birds on a canal boat is taking the plunge with a new studio to perfect his unique craft.
Glyn Cutts, who answer to the name of The Bird Whittler, ai the only professional in the country to create life-like birds from blocks of lime wood using nothing more than a Stanley knife.  Residents will be able to see is creations, which sell for between £100 and £200 each, and watch him in action at a craft fair this Sunday in Swanley’s Alexandra Suite, St Mary’s Road.  He and his partner Pam have just opened a studio near Tunbridge Wells.  Mr Cutts said: “Vistors can’t believe the effect I get without using traditional whittling tools. It’s such an awesome feeling when you end up with a bird created from a block of wood.”
He has spent six years perfecting the art of painting his bird in natural colours and textures, only for clients to request a wood lacquer finish.
He said: ” That seems to be the trend, but for me they don’t come to life until they are painted.”
The bird lover spends hours walking through the countyside, studying his subjects, always looking for a visual snapshot he can replicate with his Stanley knife.
Even the mounts, naturally formed pieces of wood found in the kent countryside, have to be a perfect match to convey a believable image of a bird in its habitat.
Mr Cutts said: “you have to believe a bird would really land on the piece of wood. I can walk for hours and only find one mount that’s suitable.”  He has perfected the art of wood inserts, a delicate and painstaking process using 50 scribes per inch with a sharp soldering pen.
The feathers are then sanded until they replicate quills before being inserted into slits made with a Stanley knife.  Feathers are then moistened to mould to the bird contours.
Article on the bird whittler