Sold whittled bird from around the world

Thank you to all my customers from around the world who have purchased the whittled birds, I do appreciate it! see the selection below and also go here for whittled birds for sale

Whittled Blue Tit, £220 SOLD  handpainted and displayed on a lovely piece of wood.

Whittled Blue tit Ref BT 790112

Whittled Painted Blue tit                               Whittled Painted Blue tit Sep 2017

Whittled Great Tit  ref GT 79123 (Sold September 2017)

Greatit whittled                         Greatit whittled

 Whittled Wren Ref WR 999z (Sold July 2017)

Whittled Wren 31 July 2017                      Whittled Wren 31st July 2017

Whittled Blue Tit ref BT123  (Sold July 2017)

Bluetit whittled S                Bluetit whittled 1 S                     Bluetit whittler S

A new edition to the Bird Whittling Gallery,  pair of whittled Nuthatches, handpainted, ref NH666, £295 (Sold July 2017)

Nuthatch Whittled 2 L          Nuthatch Whittled L

Whittled Bluetit ref 44ht

Greattit whittled

Whittled Nuthatch

Nuthatch whittled and painted

Treecreeper whittled

Whittled Bluetit ref 44a ht

Natural bluetit Ref 3030 NBT