Start Whittling

Start Whittling
Start your new bird whittling hobby.
The fact that you are at this page is an indication that you are interested in whittling, I do wonder what has set you off on this journey. Maybe you have had a long time ambition to be creative with wood or you have seen a carver displaying his goods at a craft fair or in fact our paths have crossed and I have inspired you. No matter what, I am glad to see you are here. Don’t expect miracles when you first start whittling and please stick with it. Remember we all have to start somewhere and with perseverance your skill will develop and you will gain a hobby for life. For your whittling project don’t be too ambitious and make sure your knife is sharp. You could start with a small branch, a twig even, if you just practise taking the wood off to a point, this will give you an idea of how to hold the knife and how the wood reacts.
The Bird Whittling Cutting Action with a Stanley knife.

Bird Whittling Cutting Action

Before you start whittling, it is a good idea to get a feel for the knife and practice rolling your wrist.  This helps you get the right cutting action when you whittle. Match your hand position to the photos and then practice this movement a few times before you starting. I always keep my fingers behind the sharp edge of the blade and whittle away from myself.



Whittled Ivy Stick by The Bird Whittler
Another alternative I suggest taking a walk around your local wood. Look for some soft wood, you can whittle a shape of a small bird, animal heads or flowers. I have made a stick with ivy on it, for example and you could start a project like this below
The Bird Whittler Ivy Stick



Other whittling ideas
when you have found something, draw trace it onto a block of wood then start to whittle away the wood. Do it for about 30 minutes then have a break, your work can look rough in appearance but don’t let this worry you as it is your first attempt and you will improve with time.

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Nuthatch Whittling Pack
Whittling is a lovely hobby and will give you a lifetime of enjoyment. If you are thinking of doing a bird whittling project try our Nuthatch Whittling Pack the block is already cut to the shape, includes instructions and all you need is a fixed blade Stanley Knife and you can start whittling.
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Whittling Wood
there many types of whittling wood but if you are looking to start bird whittling I would suggest trying American lime which is very easy to cut and whittle
Whittling Tools.
I often get told the interesting story about people remembering their parents sitting at the side of the roaring fire whittling a piece of wood with a pen knife and yes there are many types of whittling knives on the market today here are a few:- Swedish sloyed, Butz carving knife, Whittling jack knife etc.
You will get your own feel for the knife you are using but what I will say is, don’t rush out and buy the most expensive knife on someone’s recommendation because that knife may suit them but may not suit you. I use a fixed blade “Stanley Knife” and would not use anything else so try this first and see how you get on with it.